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Mature Man Smiling
Robert Krim

Here's what our customers are saying...

"We were very pleased with the service we received…we were treated with great respect."
- Rhonda Lerche, Monroe

"Got a gift from a friend to try out Heaven Foot Massage.  So...gave it a tried & was very surprised that it was a great experience for a first time trial.  I highly recommend this place knowing now that it only cost my friend $20 for a heavenly gift.  

Thumbs up for this place & their services.  Will go again as a gift to myself.  Why Not?? After long days of work."

- Robert Krim, Manager, Carriage Hill Apartments

When my friends suggested we go to the Heaven Foot Spa where she went before to get FOOT MASSAGES, I just about cringed, gagged and threw up a little in my mouth, but then she mentioned that it was a full rubdown for a mere $20 and my gag reflex subsided and I got in the car with them.

I don't think there is a better deal to be had in this town. As a service junkie (as my Dad calls me), I am not one to turn down a chance to get pampered by the talents of others. Be it, a mani/pedi, gittin' my harr did or a massage, sign me up!

But then there is the issue of my feet. Apparently, I have great feet. I know this now, because foot fetishists seem to flock to me like flies on shit. Am I into this? Let's see, I just compared it to flies on shit, so you be the judge. No, no I do not like my feet being focused on for the point of pleasure. Sorry.

When we walked in, I was pleased to smell clean air. I know my feet are in a perpetually nice state, but hey, others can stank, so I feared the worst, but newp, clean and fresh. The room was quiet, the room was cheerful and the nice gentlemen greeted me and led me tothe seat .
I decided on the 60 minute treatment that included the shoulder and back rub and man, am i glad I did.
Linda (who I may need to marry or at the very least start a torrid one-sided affair with), worked me in ways I haven't been worked before.She rubbed, She pulled, She dug in, She put me in positions I've seen on late night Skinamax, but it was the most nonsexual, yet satisfying experience I've ever had. And for $20!!! Eeerrrrwwwhhhuuut?!?!

And so, if you haven't treated yourself  at this place yet, you are frankly a moron. If you didn't know about it until just now, I will let you slide,  put down whatever you are doing and call and make an appointment and get yourself down here STAT!

- Gary H, woodland Hills CA